The official book about the first Italian content house and extraordinary creators’ hub

Whatever you’ve heard, thought or dreamed about Stardust House doesn’t even come close to the truth, trust us. Because reality often far exceeds imagination.

Hello everyone!  Are you ready to enter the Stardust House with us and find out all its secrets? Over 1300 square meters, a gym, a swimming pool and a dream-like garden: Stardust House is the first academy for content creators in Italy. A real school where us influencers can take acting, dancing and singing lessons and put ourselves to the test with the most important social platforms. We create over 100 contents every day, for a total of 20 million interactions and 50 million followers. In short, web history is being made at the Stardust House. Of course, not everything is as easy as it seems: the rules are strict, coexistence can be a nightmare at times and there is no shortage of squabbles. But aren’t all families like that? Because we feel like a big family. We love each other a lot and we are always ready to help and encourage each other. We share one goal: becoming social media stars!

100 contents a day, 20 million daily interactions and 50 million followers in total: mind-boggling numbers for the first Italian content house and extraordinary creators’ hub, where Talents live together 24 hours a day, connecting brands and large audiences. Here young talents, all between 17 and 25 years old, grow together and learn through daily work, becoming creators incresingly capable of producing exceptional creative content.

A part of the earnings from the book sales will be given to the Maria Letizia Verga Committee Association: an alliance between doctors, health workers, parents and volunteers with the objective of offering children with leukemia and linfoma being treated with the most advanced research and the most qualified medical and psycho-social assistance at Monza’s Maria Letizia Verga Center, in order to guarantee them the highest chances of recovery and the best quality of life.

In bookstores from February 15th and available for pre-order in all online stores.

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