Stardust takes Gillette to TikTok for the first time with the “Shave like a bomber” campaign

How is a hit born? The answer isn’t easy, but TikTok certainly plays nowadays a fundamental role in conveying new music and reach new, larger audiences. By starting from this evidence, Gillette has chosen Stardust for its first TikTok campaign, TikTok “Shave Like A Bomber” which is also the jingle that the boys of the Stardust House are the protagonists alongside Christian Vieri.

Stardust, innovative reality capable of generating creative content perfectly aligned with the tone of voice of brands and the language of social platforms, amplifying through a large network comprised of its creators, has in fact brought Gillette on TikTok for the first time, taking care of both the social amplification and artistic production of the “Shave like a Bomber” social campaign on TikTok and Instagram.

The guys of the Stardust House Stardust House – the extraordinary creator hub and academy where influencers live and study together – then choreographed and danced together with Bobo Vieri to the notes of the jingle, revisiting the notes of the original song with their unique style and launching a call to action to replicate the choreography using the song “Shave Like a Bomber”. The arrival of the soccer champion to the Stardust House was greeted by the boys with great enthusiasm and curiosity for the most iconic BOMBER in Italian football.

«Christian Vieri’s iconic status for Generations X and Y is paired with that of the Stardust House boys have for Millenials and GenZersZ. – declared Alan Tonetti, Stardust founder – Having a champion such as Bobo among youngsters is a source of pride for us and Gillette represents a real bridge between different generations of Italians, united by that “Shave Like A Bomber” which acts as a common factor in such a natural way. We are proud to have taken part in a strong and concrete triangulation like that of this campaign».


About Stardust

Stardust is an expanding reality capable of generating creative content perfectly in line with the tone of voice of a brand and the language of social platforms, amplifying them through a large network comprised of its creators. The strength of this formula guarantees the achievement of target audiences and an engagement that other media are likely to reach. An authentic media channel that unites an audience of millions of people to the study of the best communication message, plus the control of brand equity and guaranteed KPIs. A unique formula that aims to industrialize influencer marketing. Stardust supports and guides brands in their digital positioning, enhancing their creativity with original tailor-made and cross-media formats, also being able to count on the Stardust House, the first Italian content house and creators’ hub. There are already many companies that have chosen to work with Stardust in their startup phase: from major record companies such as Sony Music, Universal Music, Warner Music, Friends & Partners to brands like AC Milan, Aw Lab, Citroën, Carrera, FCA, SKY, Game Stop, Guess, Invicta, Kfc, Rovagnati, Liu Jo, McFit, Polaroid, BLAUER, Tommy JEANS, Pringles, Dmax, ChupaChups, Safilo, Rubik’s, Chiesi, Playstation, Crocs, Wacko’s, Philadelphia, Kellogg’s, Adidas, Rovagnati, Disney, AlFemminile, Honor, DCave, Magniflex, Pan Di Stelle, Smemoranda, Alphasigma, Moschino, Missoni e Bulgari and many more.


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