A year of success: over 9 million Euros in turnover and incredible cross-platform results

It has been a year of great successes for Stardust S.p.A., the innovative reality that in just a few months has been able to conquer an increasingly large slice of the market by industrializing the world of influencer marketing: in fact, over 70 companies have been chosen Stardust to help on their positioning on social media and develop digital products. Sony Music, Universal Music, Warner Music, Friends & Partners a brand come AC Milan, Aw Lab, Citroën, Carrera, FCA, SKY, Game Stop, Guess, Invicta, Kfc, Rovagnati, Liu Jo, McFit, Polaroid, BLAUER, Tommy JEANS, Pringles, Dmax, ChupaChups, Safilo, Rubik’s, Chiesi, Playstation, Crocs, Wacko’s, Philadelphia, Kellogg’s, Adidas, Rovagnati, Disney, AlFemminile, Honor, DCave, Magniflex, Pan Di Stelle, Smemoranda, Alphasigma, Moschino, Missoni and Bulgari just to mention a few.

One year after its birth – the company founded by Simone Giacomini (CEO), Antonino Maira, Alan Tonetti, Fabrizio Ferraguzzo, Ettore Dore – achieved a turnover of over 9 million Euros, winning over the trust and support of major investors such as the Alchimia fund and the Consulcesi Group, a fundamental accelerator for the development of the project both in Italy and abroad. An increasingly international vision that sees Stardust working to open new houses in the United States and Dubai starting next year.


In just one year, over 1 million original contents were produced, 35 million watch time hours and 15 billion cross-platform views. Mind-boggling numbers that position Stardust as a digital media capable of conceiving and producing increasingly complex and multimedia contents and editorial formats. Also, thanks to the work of the Stardust House (here’s its Instagram profile), the first Italian Content House and extraordinary creators’ hub, where talents live together 24 hours a day, connecting brands and large audiences together. Here young talents grow and learn through daily work, becoming creators capable of producing exceptional creative contents and editorial formats, including vertical ones, on various product categories.


Stardust is becoming a real media channel and in 2022 it will be ready to welcome new challenges such as landing on the world of streaming by Giorgio Panariello (in collaboration with Friends & Partners) which will debut on Twitch and Tik Tok with his first original and 100% digital format titled “From Boomer to Zoomer”.


From Boomer to Zoomer tells the experience that Giorgio will live for a week as a “non-matriculated” tenant of the Stardust House. A full-immersion with Generation Z and the talents who live there, with the aim of learning everything there is to know about TikTok and social media, including hilarious sketches and viral dances. All the progress and emotions of the day will be showcased on Twitch every evening with an original live show. An extraordinary juxtaposition between two generations that is sincere, constructive and above all entertaining.


February on the other hand will be the time for Starworks, the first academy for training new influencers in Italy. Starting from the second half of the month for three weekends, six Italian cities, from north to south, will be the protagonists of this new adventure dedicated to all the young people who wish to start on the path of influencer marketing. The first stages will be Milan, Naples, Rome, Palermo, Venice and Bari. The project was born from the will of Matteo Brilli (Stardust’s Client Partner & Strategy) who declared: «With this project we have tried to give a concrete answer to many youngsters who want to engage in one of what is considered “professions of the future”. We’re looking forward to open the doors to this first phase of the project and expand it more over the course of 2022».


Starworks will provide all its students with exclusive web marketing, creative writing, storytelling, video and photo editing courses with the collaboration of selected teachers. These intensive courses will last 12 hours, divided into two days of non-stop lessons.


Not just social media, but starting today Stardust enters the world of E-Sports as well with Dsyre. “The limitation of the world of e-sports is that it talks only about the world of e-sports” said Andrea Cibelli, Co-Founder of the Team together with Emanuele Di Leva (young entrepreneur in the E-Sports industry, he has successfully launched several nationally renowned streamers, including Moonryde, voted best Italian content creator at the “Round One” event in Turin, 2021). “With Dsyre we want to unite the world of communications and entertainment with the world of professional gaming, making sure the world of E-Sports can really talk, reach and impress anyone”.


Elevate, Aspire, Desire: it’s more than a simple claim that is raging all over the gaming community, they also represent the values on which Dsyre was born, the new talent incubator where competition, entertainment, street culture and influencing speak the same language for the first time. Dsyre is not just a gaming house, but a real academy that, in the wake of the highly successful experience of the Stardust House, unites professional gaming with the world of communications, design (the brand was made in collaboration with London designer Kwaku Amprako) and content creation. A new reality that reinvents the way of understanding gaming in our country and which already counts with 6 teams competing in the main national and international Fortnite, FIFA, Call of Duty, Valorant TFT and Apex Legends championships: a few months after its creation, the Dsyre Team has already qualified for the Italian TFT and Valorant finals, reaching third place in the former and second in the latter at the last Games Week.

Precisely with this in mind, in 2022 we will open a structure that will host the team’s gamers and revolutionize the concept of gaming house in Italy by creating an authentic content hub dedicated to the world of gaming. In addition to being a training academy for streamers and pro players, Dsyre will be involved in video production, fashion art and design. To celebrate the birth of Team Dsyre, the first dedicated blockchain NFT has been created (visible at www.dsyre.com/nft): a work of design exhibited at Milan’s Museo della Permanente – from November 23rd 2021 to February 6th 2022 – within the Dart2121 exhibition, the first NFT museum exhibition in the world, accompanied by the works of the greatest digital artists and Renaissance paintings.


Creativity and business. In recent months, Stardust has not only focused on the development of new formats and contents, but also on creating new marketing tools and pushing its boundaries. Starting from the new year the “Stardust Data Platform”, which is a proprietary platform for sharing with clients the design and real-time performance of campaigns. A unique tool to provide companies with a real-time look of the Talent’s work. The analyzed data helps to refine the choice of creators for a specific brand, showing the results of their performance and the sentiment of their creativity and content in real time. Data collection takes place thanks to stable and authorized APIs (application programming interface), on which Stardust will be able to create metrics and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to align them with their own business model.

2022 will then continue in the name of innovation, including the entrance of the Stardust House in the Metaverse, to which details will soon follow.


About Stardust

Stardust is an expanding reality capable of generating creative content perfectly in line with the tone of voice of a brand and the language of social platforms, amplifying them through a large network comprised of its creators. The strength of this formula guarantees the achievement of target audiences and an engagement that other media are likely to reach. An authentic media channel that unites an audience of millions of people to the study of the best communication message, plus the control of brand equity and guaranteed KPIs. A unique formula that aims to industrialize influencer marketing. Stardust supports and guides brands in their digital positioning, enhancing their creativity with original tailor-made and cross-media formats, also being able to count on the Stardust House, the first Italian content house and creators’ hub. There are already many companies that have chosen to work with Stardust in their startup phase: from major record companies such as Sony Music, Universal Music, Warner Music, Friends & Partners to brands like AC Milan, Aw Lab, Citroën, Carrera, FCA, SKY, Game Stop, Guess, Invicta, Kfc, Rovagnati, Liu Jo, McFit, Polaroid, BLAUER, Tommy JEANS, Pringles, Dmax, ChupaChups, Safilo, Rubik’s, Chiesi, Playstation, Crocs, Wacko’s, Philadelphia, Kellogg’s, Adidas, Rovagnati, Disney, AlFemminile, Honor, DCave, Magniflex, Pan Di Stelle, Smemoranda, Alphasigma, Moschino, Missoni e Bulgari and many more.





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